Biggest Loser

Each year clients of Amazon Fitness can enter the Biggest Loser contest. Each person puts up $100 with the bodyfat winner taking 50% and the pounds lost winner 50%. The winners are determined by % bodyfat and total pounds lost. These are some of our past winners.

Denise lost 27% of her bodyfat. Way to go!



"James goal when he started working out with Darrell was to gain weight, size, and speed. As a competitive soccer player for his high school varsity team and a top Division 1 club soccer team, these factors are crucial to on-field success. He has gained noticeable strength and speed since working out with Darrell. He has joined the rest of his family in gaining results from the highly qualified trainers at Amazon Fitness."


"Amazon Fitness is the place for anyone who is looking to get in shape with qualified trainers. I play amateur golf and compete on a national level, my main concern was not to injure myself while trying to get fit, stronger and add distance to my game. I was successful in losing fat, gaining muscle, and did add 10 to 15 yards to my entire game. I started with 22% body fat and have lost to 14%. My goal is to reach 12%. I have seen all ages and body types come to Amazon and have seen amazing results with everyone that makes a commitment to the program. I highly recommend both Pam and Darrell Franklin, they love their work and are qualified trainers." - Houston City Womens Champion 7 times


"I have been working out at Amazon Fitness for over a year. Pam and Darrell are amazing! They really know their stuff. It's not just about lifting weights; they work with you individually on your whole health and wellness. I am in my mid-40's and feel like I did when I was in my twenties. I am eating better and have tons of energy. I never could have done this on my own. I get lots of compliments about my physique and how young I look. I've regained a confidence I thought was gone forever and I am finally wearing a bikini again after almost 20 years!!!"






"I thought about you on my Wedding Day because I felt so good about myself - thanks to you. I know that I did a good job too, being disciplined and motivated but your knowledge and encouragement truly made the difference. I believe anyone (most anyone) can bark out orders but you've got a gift of motivating me to do something that makes a positive impact on people's lives so that our work will have a lasting impression. You do just that Pam. It's more than just looking good. It's the self-confidence that you help build, it's the healthy lifestyle that you promote. It's the self love that you instill. I cannot thank you enough for doing all that for me. When I first walked into your gym, I thought I'm gonna look good in my gown - I walked out with so much more. Thanks for everything on top of helping me feel radiantly beautiful on the most special day of my life. You are a blessing!


"The Franklins possess the highest level of personal training expertise that I have been exposed to and impart that knowledge to each clients unique needs. I went there three years ago wanting to add muscle mass and as I approach fifty, I am more muscular than I have ever been. My wife, son and daughter have all been clients at times and they have been very happy with their results as well. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, but the workouts are serious. Best gym in Houston."


"Thank you Darrell for encouraging our son's self confidence!! Our 13 yr.old DOES NOT enjoy competitive sports & I struggled to find something to keep him physically fit that he would thrive at & look forward to. This school yr. that he has been working out with you; he has seen his muscles develop & his body fat go down. What a blessing this has been! Thank you again. Pros: True "personal" trainers who encourage you to be the best so that you see results. Always available when you have questions."