Our Costs

When you have your initial consultation, we will explain all the costs and options to you to help you make the best decision for your particular situation.

10 sessions for $650 ($65/session)
20 sessions for $1200 ($60/session)

If you wish to train with a partner, the additional person can be added at about 25% of the one-on-one rates. However, the partner will be on the same program as you, should be somewhat near your level, and will train with you. The session cost per person drops because two of you are sharing the session.  For example, a package of 10 shared sessions comes to $40/session/person.

Monitoring Your Progress:


During your first session, we take body composition measurements; skin calipers to measure fat and tape measure for circumferance. Every 3-4 weeks we re-measure to ensure you are making progress and meeting your expectations


We offer a 55 minute strength and fitness workout. Our 4 point program will give you everything you need to lose fat and build muscle. During the workout, we are available to answer questions about the diet, cardio, workout or any other fitness topic. Generally, beginners will be working out 2 times per week with the weights, intermediate lifters three times per week.

What you eat is very important to your progress and results. We provide you with our diet, but recognize that everyone's lifestyle is different. So we help you with an eating strategy that takes into account your lifestyle, pocketbook, travel schedule, dietary restrictions, etc.