What Happens at Your First Appointment?

Discuss your goals
Your training experience, fat loss and/or muscle building goals, scheduling, and limitations (injuries, dietary, etc.) are discussed so a personal trainer can make a plan for you.

Body Composition measurement
Skin calipers measure your body fat. Tape measure for circumference measurements. Your personal trainer establishes your baseline and measures you periodically to make sure you're on track.

Strength and Fitness Assessment
Your personal trainer shows you how to do the weight exercises with correct form. Your trainer constantly monitors your form and keeps you progressing.

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Private Studio/Health Club Training

Paula Tippit

Paula Tippit, a Certified Personal Trainer, wife, and mother of two!

I started my fitness journey years ago when I joined the local "big" gym to try and get my body back from pregnancy. I plateaued quickly and became lost in the crowd. This is where I learned the value of support and motivation by the lack thereof.

I went back to basics and started a strength and conditioning program. I believe that there is a place for fitness in everyone's life, and goals are obtainable. I will be there to support, encourage, and guide you through my knowledge and support to reach the goals you want to achieve. I look forward to becoming a part of your fitness journey!